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Los Gatos Latiz Jazz Los Gatos on a congo

Pete Siers
1316 Beechwood
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
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Pete Siers
Timbales, Coro,

Cary Kocher
Vibes, Coro

Kurt Krahnke

Brian Di Blassio
Piano, Coro

Al Di Blassio
Congas, Vocals, Percussion


PKO Records

Dear Music Presenter,

Thank you for your interest in Los Gatos – Latin Jazz Quintet. We are sure that the excitement of our rhythm and music will enhance your event.

Los Gatos was assembled by Drummer and Bandleader, Pete Siers, in 1997. The concept of a small group, combined with traditional Afro-Cuban rhythms has positioned Los Gatos as a consistent crowd pleaser. The band performs every Thursday night at Ann Arbor’s Firefly Club. They have produced two CDs, “Cats Got Your Tongue?” and “Insight”.

Los Gatos gives an engaging and well planned presentation including:

  1. Live Concerts – The five members of the group are world class performers. They have each toured extensively and have been performing in Los Gatos for over 10 years.
  2. Educational Concerts – as an adjunct to the live performance, the members of Los Gatos can offer an “edutainment” component that offers a unique insight into the world of Afro-Cuban music, history, percussion and technique. The band members are professional educators and excel and sharing their love and knowledge of the art.
  3. Percussion Clinics – The power of Afro Cuban music has influenced most aspects of modern life and music. The driving element is the “Latin percussion section”. The individual instruments: Congas, bongo, timbales, clave, and guiro will be demonstrated and discussed. This clinic enforces how to allow for individual creativity with respect to tradition and form.
  4. Afro Cuban Percussion Workshops – Our workshop is a hands-on exploration of the main rhythmic components of Latin music. After a brief overview and demonstration, participants are invited to play instruments and share the instructor’s passion for the music. Groups will rotate to allow an overview of all of the major percussion instruments. The workshop will conclude with a group performance.
  5. Salsa Lessons – Through affiliation with many area dance organizations, Los Gatos has amassed a large following of Salsa dancers of all levels. Our successful format includes a 30 minute Salsa Dance Lesson for beginners prior to the start of our performance. At the conclusion of each set, the lessons graduate from Beginner to Intermediate and Advanced levels. Lessons are taught by an experienced dance instructor whose presentation style is extraordinary.
  6. Salsa Dance Party – Experiencing the music through live music and dance will create a memorable party.

Please enjoy our online recordings. We believe it can give you a feel for the sound of which we are so proud. The press clippings will also give you a sense of how Los Gatos will interact with your audience - making them partners in a memorable event. This is a strength of Los Gatos and a rare quality among jazz groups.

We look forward to working with you!

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